¡ñ Started since 2003.

¡ñ Hold or jointly hold different types of theme conferences every year

¡ñ Content focus:Industry feedstock current situation, Upstream-downstream industries demand, Market outlook, Competition Environment¡­¡­

Conference theme

¡ñ Classic case--International Polyurethane Summit Forum

¡ñ Four phases of conference theme

  1.  Single chemistry products theme(TDI¡¢MDI theme conferences, etc)

  2.  Polyurethane products theme(Foam forum and resin forum etc)

  3.  Subdivision of products theme(Rigid polyether forum and flexible polyether forum etc)

  4.  Downstream application trend theme(Shoe material application trend forum and auto forum etc)

Conference form

¡ñ Speech

¡ñ Group discussion

¡ñ Q&A

¡ñ Display

¡ñ Visit

Classic Cases

Form: Co-sponsored by PU World and global famous consulting company TECNON.

Customer: Well-known industry authorities at home and abroad, covering international PU feedstock suppliers and downstream manufacturers.

Theme: Comprehensively analyzed current situation of PU industry and existing problems.

Purpose: Create a healthy environment for PU industry development