Shanghai Orisage Consulting Co., Ltd.

Shanghai Orisage Consulting Co., Ltd (Orisage Consulting for short), established in 2000, an innovative consulting agency, focuses on info consultant as well as provides market research, conference exhibition, advertising media, website operation and other services for our customers.

Sage, interpreted to be "wise and witty" is close-fitting to our industry spirit and responsibilities, which indicates we are fully dedicated to create more commercial values and opportunities for our customers, partners and employees by virtue of all of our existing resources inheriting from our many years of industry experiences.

We are a market-oriented company, taking the customers as the center. We place ourselves in such a professional field for 15 years, taking full efforts to set up a four-dimensional service system for above 69% of the customers in PU industry worldwide and securing their high praise and trust finally.

Development history

In 2000, Shanghai Fast-lead Technology Development Co., Ltd was formally established.

In 2000, was officially launched, becoming a first third-party portal web providing professional info consultation service for PU industry in China.

In 2001, the journal of "Polyurethane" was founded as the first paper media of PU industry in China.
In 2003, we opened the first International Polyurethane Conference- Foam Forum, marking the set-up of a new PU industry info exchange platform.

In 2004, we formally changed the original name into "Shanghai Fast-lead Advertising Media Development Co., Ltd.".

In 2004, Puhua Consulting Studio was founded and introduced a PIR monthly report covering global PU industry information allied with Tecnon Orbichem, a global famous consulting company till today.

In 2004, we ungraded the "" into "", expanding our scope of service Net to all over the world.

In 2007, we successfully hosted the first International Polyurethane Summit, marking a milestone of a new era of PU summit.
In 2008, we incorporated the "Global Polyurethane Net" and " Puhua Consulting Studio" into the "Puhua Consulting Agency" for expanding our consulting service centered on PU raw materials and capping the upstream and downstream industry chains.
In 2010, we successfully held the "Polyether-Automotive Industry Professional Forum" dominated by the downstream industry for the first time, stepping out of the traditional business conference model centered on raw materials.
In 2012, we successfully held the Polyurethane Elastomer Forum of the first session, building up a communication platform for the downstream industry with regard to the terminal materials application in a era of "Post Polyurethane"
In 2015, we officially changed our name into "Shanghai Orisage Consulting Co., Ltd." with a newly-designed VI system to open up a fresh progress for our consulting service for the new materials application in petrochemical industry.